Tuesday, August 1, 2017


If you're an indie author, you know how hard promoting your work can be. For two Midwest Indies with a love of Pulp, Horror, and Men's Adventure, and who happened to be cousins, a simple solution came to mind: cross promote each other. 

Few people enjoy sitting at a table at a show all day. I mean, you'd rather be walking around, seeing what a show has to offer, right? If only there was someone you could get to sit there for you? Or what if you can't make it to a show, because of other commitments? No problem, just get someone to take some of your books to the show for you, and you'll reciprocate in the future. 

That's what Graphic Pulp is--a small group of authors, cross-promoting modern Pulp in the Midwest, and beyond. 

Starting tomorrow, you can learn a little bit about our authors, with a weekly intro on who we are, what we write, what we're working on, and where we might be showing up. We'll also talk about what we love in the Pulp, Men's Adventure, and Horror genres, old and new, and we might just scrounge up some interviews with authors we've met around the world. 

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