Saturday, January 23, 2016

A new source for Pulp, Horror and Men's Adventure!

Welcome to the Graphic Pulp Blog--your first stop for news from the Graphic Pulp line of action and adventure stories.

What is Graphic Pulp? It's a cooperative venture between independent authors to produce new content on a monthly basis for lovers of two-fisted literary action. Each author in Graphic Pulp works on their own projects bypassing the dinosaurs of traditional publishing to write new adventures and release them in a fraction of the time readers are used to. Graphic Pulp means big adventure, on a regular basis, quickly.

Pulp, the father of action-adventure ruled the pages in the early 20th Century. Tales of two-fisted heroes battling in epic good vs evil face offs were all the rage, appearing in monthly and even weekly periodicals. Heroes like Doc Savage, the Shadow and The Spider battled mad scientists, criminal masterminds and haters of freedom at breakneck speed. Readers weren't burdened with filler or chapters full of nothing but dialogue. Pulp meant action, and from its wonderful example came other forms of fast-paced adventure...

Men's Adventure rose to prominence in the post-World War II era, as GIs who grew up reading about black-and-white lines between right and wrong came back from a war filled with horrors they had never imagined. Action needed to ramp the violence up to impress these readers. Men's Adventure was born, with femme fatales, plenty of blazing gun battles and heroes who didn't always wear white. From James Bond to the Destroyer, the Men's Adventure era was filled with action and adventure of spine-chilling magnitude...

Horror has been around for  along time, from the days of Mary Shelley and HP Lovecraft up through the master of modern terror, Stephen King. Horror novels thrill readers through fear and maybe a few buckets of blood here and there. Monsters, madmen and even magic reign supreme in Horror, and mankind often isn't enough to stand against it.

Graphic Pulp's authors combine the best of these three genres to craft tales of over-the-top action. Enjoy the ride!